"Men selv om kjærligheten gjemmer seg,...

... så vi synes det er en dag."

That's what a good friend always said. And even if I've written this love letter two weeks ago, I think I have to move on now. My old being needs to be "recycled". New ways have to be found, so I can feel complete. I always knew that life's not a cherry bowl, but these hard times I've been through really made me sick. Even if I've always said to myself that I need him to be alive, it was just an illusion in my head. Nobody need someone. At first, we need ourself - not just physically healthy! I was turning onto the wrong road after he had gone and closed my heart, so that nobody came in again. It was a mistake to only put my focus on him!

I've waited one year, for nothing. It was no fun. I never wanted to be found again but someone new did. And I hope that I've found that perfect puzzle piece to fill that loneliness in my heart. I'm happy that he's the one who is taking me to his hands and is leading me to his ways. It's pleasant, some kind of magic which is warming my cold hands during the beginning autumn when I'm going for a walk with my dog in the early mornings.

I don't say that I love him by now, it's not a long time we've shared, so that it would be appropriate to say these magic words, but I know that I will do one day. He's the one I've waited for, even if I was never looking for anyone again. But I'm happy that our paths has crossed. I feel save by his side and I love to feel this warm breath in my neck when he's holding me in this strong arms. It's a feeling I've missed for a long time. His masculine voice and this sweet words are making me complete and scare away my inner loneliness. And I know that I'm never alone, even if he's not at home, not by my side or at his friend's houses. He's in my heart. Always. With every second. In conclusion, one can say that he'd be my ideal man who is making all my dreams come true.

"Kjærlighet er som en nypekjerret:
Den vokser og trives bare i perioder."

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